World Adult Kickball Association Overview

WAKA Overview
WAKA is the World Adult Kickball Association, which was founded in 1998 in Washington DC by four recent college graduates. This is a 21+ co-ed social-athletic organization with a mission statement “To provide a unique club with an inclusive co-ed social culture and establish the WAKA Kickball experience as the New American Pasttime”. As of 2011, WAKA has leagues in more than 30 states, 40,000 players in 2,000 teams in 200 divisions. They are by far the biggest kickball association and generally credited with bringing kickball to the adult masses.

How it WAKA Works
A WAKA kickball season will usually consist of 8 regular season games and a league championship tournament. The leagues will consist of 4-16 co-ed teams with an average of 16-20 players per team. All team members will be 21+. All teams will make it into the championship tournament with your ranking during the regular season games determining your seed. Qualifying teams from each league will be eligible to compete in the annual Founders Cup World Kickball Championship held in Las Vegas.

How to Find a WAKA League
Two ways to find out if there is a league in your area, you can go through the list of leagues or use the zip code map search on the WAKA site. Some cities will have multiple leagues to choose from, in that case, pick the league that plays on the most convient night for you or is closest.

How to Join a WAKA League
After you have decided on which league you want to join, you will need to create an account and then register for that league. Registeration fee will typically be in the $70 range.

How to Join/Create a WAKA Team
When registering for a league, you can either choose Free Agent, start a new Group or join an existing Group. Registering as a Free Agent will automatically assign you to a WAKA team that needs additional players. This is a great way to meet new people in an area. Groups are used to keep groups of friends together on the same teams. If you can get your group size to 20+ then you will be eligible to convert over to a team. Max team size is 26 players and it is recommended to have at least 8 males or 8 females on the team to make sure you will have your 4 minimium come game time. WAKA reserves the right to add Free Agents to your team. Make sure to come up with a good kickball team name.

What Do I Get For Joining a WAKA League?

  • 8+ games and a league tournament. About 10 weeks of kickball. Field and kickball equipment is provided.
  • Multiple parties and social events
  • A League Bar for players to gather and socialze after each game
  • Discounts/Specials at the official League Bar
  • Team Shirt (spend the extra $5 and get the extra shirt, will save you a lot of laundry)
  • League management by a Customer Service Representative and league website with schedule, standings and social calendar.
  • Eligibility to quality in WAKA tournaments.
  • Full list
What is a WAKA Game Like?
Kickball game nights will very quickly become the highlight of your week. There will usually be two sets of games (say a 7pm and an 8:05pm) and your team will be playing in one of the sets. On average, your team will be expected to ref 50% of the games, with the reffing being done in the opposite set that you will be playing in. A lot of nights will have some kind of theme such as toga, war paint, barnyard animals, silly hats and so on. Rewards for the teams with the most participation are usually free alcholol at the League Bar. After games, players are expected to head over to the League Bar for socializing and drinking. Flip cup, live DJs, limbo contests and beer pong are common activies at the League Bar.
WAKA Rules
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