What is Kickball365’s “The Circuit”


The Circuit is a national (United States) set of tournaments, each in a different city. The tournaments double as a vacation experience and any team can join for a single tournament or as many as they want. Winners will be awarded cash and prizes.

I have only competed in a single Circuit event so far (I plan on doing a lot more this year), but I really loved the experience and wanted to share this with other people so they could also experience this awesome event.

The Circuit is run by Kickball365 who have put in a lot of effort in legitimatizing kickball as a competitive sport. They put on The Circuit so that the most competitive teams have a setting in which they can showoff their hard work and talent.

What is The Circuit?

Adult kickball was started as a social sport. Really just an excuse to meet people and drink with them while you are doing something fun. Kickball365 has taken that to another level by also giving you the opportunity to compete and socialize across the country. They do this by offering tournament vacation experiences across the US.

What is a Circuit Event?

A Circuit Event is simply a kickball tournament that is part of The Circuit. This tournament will be hosted by Kickball365 with the help of a local coordinator. A Circuit Event is much more than simply a kickball tournament though! An average Event will include a Friday social event, the tournament on Saturday, a tournament after party and a Sunday tournament (for dual weekend events). The amount of games in a tournament will vary depending on how many teams join up.

A current list of Circuit Events are currently being held in Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Austin and San Francisco. These are all cities I would love to party in. These Circuit Events give you a built in group of friends and an excuse to go do it.

Who can attend a Circuit Event?

The best thing about a circuit event is that anyone at all can join! All you need is to be 21 years old, have health insurance and be on a team that is registered for a Circuit Event. Prices for an event are going to be about $55 and will include a pretty eventful weekend.

What is the National Tour?

The National Tour is the set of Circuit Events within The Circuit for that year that registered teams will earn Circuit Points for. The amount of points you earn in the National Tour determines if you are eligible for the Circuit Championship Weekend

What is the Circuit Championship Weekend?

This is the big event that finishes off the National Tour and will crown the winner of the Co-Ed and Women’s Divisions.

Ready to Join?

Excited about creating a team / joining a team and having a fun weekend of kickball in an interesting city? There are Circuit Events a couple of times a month, each in a pretty fun city. Who knows, maybe there is an upcoming event in your city. You can check out their list of Circuit Events here. Need more information? Kickball365 has a pretty indepth FAQ if you need more information.

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