Trivia Team Names

Most of us kickballers are social animals and as long as you can combine an activity with drinking, we are probably doing it. Trivia will be at a pub/bar or restaurant and will have a DJ that reads out the question/answer and plays music in between each question. It will usually consist of around 20 questions and last about 2 hours. Prices tend to be house cash in the range of $10-$50 for 1st – 3rd. What better way to have dinner than a chance to win a bar tab.

The only thing you will need to join in is a clever name. Here are a list of the trivia team names my group has used over the last three years if you need some inspiration.

List of Names

  1. Good to See You Guys
  2. Tasteful Side Boob
  3. Dihydrogen Monoxide
  4. Lizard Wizard in a Blizzard
  5. Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem
  6. Trivia Sloth
  7. Are These Questions Rhetorical?
  8. Danger Zone!!!
  9. Trogdor, the Trivianator
  10. Jalapeno Business
  11. Great Googling Moogling
  12. Google said the answer was…
  13. Team Smartphones
  14. *team mate name* contributes nothing
  15. Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap
  16. We thought this was speed dating
  17. We’ll look it up
  18. My couch pulls out but I don’t
  20. … and that’s how we get ants
  21. Do You Smell Popcorn?
  22. My dad is better at trivia than your dad
  23. Brown Chicken Brown Cow
  24. Frunken Duckers
  25. Kim Jong Ill Communication
  26. It Was This or Jeopardy Reruns
  27. Trivia Newton John
  28. Dollar Drinks Tonight
  29. Hakuna Your Tatas
  30. But other than that Mrs Kennedy, how was the parade?
  31. Hold me closer, tiny answer
  32. Shaking off Parkinson’s
  33. Big Fact Hunt
  34. Bi-Curious George and the Disappearing Banana
  35. Oedipus and the Mother F’ers
  36. Oedipus and the Momma’s Boys
  37. We don’t do cocaine, we just like the smell
  38. The Stepdads. We beat you and you hate us.
  39. Funcaholics
  40. Team Ramrod
  41. In second place
  42. It’s Only Cannibalism if you Swallow
  43. The Following Teams’ Cars Are Currently Being Towed:
  44. Google makes this easy
  45. Rumple Foreskins
  46. My Grandmother Doesn’t Wrestle But You Should Really See Her Box
  47. Rage Against the Vending Machine
  48. Pre-op Transformers
  49. Tempura House: Shelter for Lightly Battered Women
  50. Leann Rimes with Orange
  51. Shoot first, ask Christian Slater
  52. Bed, Bath and Beyonce
  53. Rhymes with Winter Course
  54. Rehab is for Quitters
  55. Pabst Blue Ribbon Award Winners
  56. Better late than pregnant
  57. The Pheasant Pluckers

Quiz in the Name

  1. Quizee Rascal
  2. Quizlamic State
  3. Don Quizote
  4. Quiz in my Pants
  5. Quiz Teama Aguilera
  6. Let’s Get Quizzical
  7. Quiz on Uranus
  8. Hit it and Quiz it
  9. The Quizards of Oz
  10. Quiztopher Walken
  11. For Quizzle My Nizzle
  12. Team Quizdora

Current Events

  1. Immigrants 4 Donald Trump
  2. Donald Trump’s Hairpeace in the Middle East
  3. Bill Cosby and the Quaaludes
  4. Michael Vick’s Famous Puppy Chow
  5. Titanic Swim Team

Need to find a place that does trivia near you? In most cities you will have 4-5 choices for each day of the week. If you are going to go to dinner, might as well pick a place doing trivia and get some free entertainment out of it. There doesn’t seem to be a good national list of places to do trivia, so your best bet will just be searching “Your City” trivia.


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