Most Popular Team Names of 2014

It is still January so a recap of 2014 is still in order! In a couple of weeks, or a month or two depending  on your climate, kickball season will be starting up again. This means new teams, new friends and new decisions on picking a really awesome team name for your first season of kickball in 2015. To help you with that, this is the list of the most popular team names of 2014. I very scientifically created this list by going through the WAKA leagues throughout the country and writing down every team name and then marking down how many times this team name was duplicated. I did this until I got bored, so some inaccuracies are to be expected.

15 Most Popular Kickball Team Names of 2015

  1. One Kick Wonders
  2. Where my Pitches At?
  3. Ball Busters
  4. Looking to Score
  5. Balls N Dolls
  6. Suck My Kick
  7. Balls Deep
  8. Kick in a Box
  9. Kick Tease
  10. New Kicks On The Block
  11. Pitches be Crazy
  12. Sit on my Base
  13. Sons of Pitches
  14. We Got The Runs
  15. Alchoballics

Like most years, team names heavily feature kicking, words that sound like kicking, balls and more kicking.

Don’t see a name you like? Check out my Ultimate List of Kickball Team Names, I guarantee you will find something you can use in there.

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