Sloshball – Let’s Make Kickball a Drinking Game

sloshball-xzibitWhat Is Sloshball

If you play kickball long enough you are going to run into teams playing Sloshball. My first experience playing Sloshball was when a team did not have enough people to field so they decided to grab a couple of people standing around and convert it over to a Sloshball game. I had a damn good time and was way drunker for my actual kickball game then I had expected (which is pretty much the point of kickball). Sometimes you will see leagues with teams that will play nothing but Sloshball. They will be matched up against the less competitive teams and there is a reason these teams usually go with a name such as Blackout City.

Sloshball is kickball with even more drinking added to it. Standard rules require all players to have a beer or drink in their hand at all times and it goes up from there. I will list out what you can consider the “standard” rules but keep in mind like most things in life, improvisation is key to a good time.

sloshball photoSloshball Rules

  1. All players must have a drink in hand at all times. This does mean you will have to catch a ball one handed.
  2. Kickers must alternate between guys and girls. If you have more guys than girls this will mean the girls will kick more often.
  3. There are no arguments about calls. If you care which way the call went you are playing the wrong game.

These three rules are what you can consider the standard rules. Here are some additional rules, pick and choose how many you want.

  • Keg or case of beer at 1st base. Each person that makes it to first base must refresh their drink and they are not allowed to touch home base until this drink is emptied.536646_434852649941443_255270608_n
  • Keg or case of beer at 2nd base. Runners get a fresh beer at 2nd base and must finish it before they can go to third base. Two runners are allowed to be on second base but one of them most finish their beer and head to third base before you get a third runner to 2nd base.
  • There is no limit to the amount of players you have in the outfield. This works well because you have more time to drink and socialize.
  • Install a Slip-n-Slide from 3rd base to home base.
  • Play with a beach ball instead of a kickball.

If you have a rule that you use in your Sloshball games that are not listed, please tell me what it is in the comments!

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