Differences between kickball and baseball

When explaining the rules for WAKA kickball to new players, easiest method is to let them know that it is the same rules as baseball (which everyone should be familiar with in general) with a couple exceptions.

  1. Ball will be a kickball that is rolled instead of thrown to the player who then kicks it instead of hitting it (this one should be obvious).
  2. Fouls are counted seperately from strikes.
  3. Unable to lead off the base until the ball is kicked. If you are off the base when the ball is kicked, it is an automatic out.
  4. Catcher is allowed to follow directly behind the kicker through the kicking box.
  5. Kickball has 11 players fielding versus 9 in baseball. The additional positions are Left Center and Right Center.
  6. You have to have at least 4 girls and 4 guys fielding.
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