Buntball is an alternate version of the WAKA rules that is an excellent way to practice bunting, defense against bunting and aggressive base running. This game is perfect for a fast paced game when you have 8 players, though up to 14 can be accommodated.

Same as normal WAKA rules except no outfielders are used and any kicks that go past the base lines count as outs. This means that normal kicks that would have landed in fair territory past the 1st-2nd base line and 3rd-2nd base line are now outs. Balls that land before the outfield but then roll into the outfield should be counted as outs as well.

Fielding is 4-7 players.

  • 4 players : Catcher, Pitcher, First Base and Third Base
  • 5 players : Add Short Field
  • 6 players : Add Short Stop
  • 7 players : Add Second Base

buntball field_diagram

If you have 4 fielding, move the bases in to 40 feet instead of the normal 60. With 5-6 players, go with 50 feet and normal length of 60 yards with 7 players fielding.

Unlike normal kickball rules were you get one point for every run to home, in Buntball, you also get points for just getting on base. You get 5 points for every score and 1, 2 and 3 points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd base respectively. When a runner is tagged out, they get points for the last base they successfully made it to. For instance, if a runner is forced out at 3rd, they would get 2 points for having made it to 2nd base.

At three outs, you get points for whichever bases are currently occupied. If you had a runner on 1st and 3rd, then that would be 1+3=4 points.

This scoring scheme promotes good and aggressive base running since it drives home the point of getting as many players to 2nd and 3rd to put yourself into scoring opportunities.

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