Rock, Paper, or Scissors Strategy

rock scissor photoHome vs Visitor is usually decided at the start of a game by a Rock, Paper, or Scissors match between the captains of each team. If you end up winning, Home (fielding first) tends to be most advantageous.

Initial Throw

  • Rock – aggressive
  • Paper – subtle, weak
  • Scissors – restrained aggression, crafty, cunning

First Round, Male Captain

Males have a tendency to always lead with rock, since rock is seen as being strong and forceful.

The more masculine the captain is, the more likely they will start with rock (as long as they do not realize most males always start with rock). Starting with Paper will give you a better then random chance of winning.

First Round, Female Captain
Unless they are overly aggressive, a female captain will usually start off with scissors, since this is a more cunning, subtle throw. Start with rock. A more passive female captain though might start with paper, so make a judgement call on their personality.

Second Round
In general, play in the second round the throw that would have lost to your opponent in the last round. Inexperienced players will often use the throw that would have beat their last one. If they start with paper, their next move will more than likely be scissors, so you play rock.

Subsequent Rounds
Play these the same as the second round.

Photo by Mark Turnauckas

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