Kickball Strategies


Basic Overview of Kickball Field Positions

Kickball is played on a baseball diamond with 11 players fielding. Diagram and description of the responsibilities for each player are listed below All this information in a handy print out to hand out at your first game. Kickball Field Position Description Print Out Left Center: Cover deep kicks. Be...


10 Basic Kickball Tips

1. ¬†MOST IMPORTANT TIP. Stretch and warm up before the game. Don’t kick that ball cold and then try to sprint. You are older than when you played this game as a kid. Most new players will pull a leg muscle their first game. 2. ¬†Always run on 2 outs,...


Ultimate List of Kickball Team Names

Nothing is quite as important as having a kickass team name for kickball. This is a fun game, you should have a fun name. Keep in mind that when picking a team name, most league rules will disallow names that reference or implicate a political agenda, issue, candidate, elected official...