LASER – New Jacksonville, FL Social Kickball League

laser-athletics-tshirtTo help promote the quickly growing sport of adult kickball, I will start featuring new leagues as they start springing up as well as tournaments and circuits. Hopefully some of these will be in your area or a short distance away!

LASER is a new local league that has sprouted up to compete with other social sports leagues in the Jacksonville Florida area, specifically WAKA. I’m sure you’ve noticed the registration fees with WAKA rising and are becoming tired of paying so much for kickball. I know I am personally getting tired of paying around $80 per kickball season (more than $10 a game!).

LASER aims to reverse this trend. Several of the teams that regularly play in Jacksonville have decided to make the switch over to LASER (Local Adult Sports Entertainment & Recreation) Athletics ( and you and your teams should too! As well as kickball, there will be leagues for Volleyball, Footgolf, Bowling and Flag Football.

Here are some of the advantages of switching to LASER:

  • No national corporate overhead means much lower registration costs (as low as $45 per season!). Support local!
  • Paid referees! Through a ref testing program, LASER is able to offer paid refs for games, eliminating the “volunteer” ref mandate forced in other leagues.
  • Next season will be played in warmer weather. They have pushed the start date to avoid playing in the frigid Florida January weather. This should ensure much more reasonable weather to play some great kickball!

For a new player looking to get started playing kickball, this is an ideal way since it is low-risk and very social. Many of the local players and teams are doing their part to help grow this league. They consider it “their” league and really want to see it succeed, as it positively impacts the entire kickball community.  Any new player can expect exemplary customer service, the best after party social scenes in Jacksonville, and a more educational experience in terms of kickball strategy. In the larger, more established leagues, the gap in talent has risen significantly to the point where newer teams struggle to find fun before the pressure is on to figure out a strategy to keep them competitive.  The league representative will even be coaching a team of mostly new players in an effort to enhance their experience as a first time kickballers.

LASER Athletics.357X187Other things to keep in mind for LASER:

  • All leagues are co-ed and all players are at least 21 years old
  • Teams will consist of at least 18 players and usually have a minimum of 8 female players. It is co-ed after all!
  • Max team size will be much smaller than WAKA. This gives individual players much more play time and at kicks.
  • Seasons run 8-9 weeks with an official after game bar and in season parties.
  • On-site league representative
  • Kickball used will be the same one used in The Circuit. This ball is much higher quality and makes a huge difference in play.

Rules for LASER will also be different from what you have come to expect in WAKA. These rule changes should make LASER much more friendly to new teams and provide some interesting changes to overall strategies.

  • 10 players in the field instead of the normal 11. This will bring the co-ed ratio closer to even. More plays for the people in the field and more chances for the people on offense.
  • 3 fouls for an out instead of 4.
  • Small changes to encroachment and what is fair / foul

I hope to see you playing in their leagues (I will be). There is currently open registration for a Friday Kickball league playing at 9A Baymeadows on Friday nights starting February 13th, 2015 with a kickoff party at Sneakers 9A on Feb 6th. If you are reading this after Feb 13th you can check their current schedule to see what the next season is to sign up for.

Want to feature your new league on KickballStrategies? Feel free to contact me with your details and I will get your info posted.

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