Ultimate List of Kickball Team Names

Kickball Team PhotoNothing is quite as important as having a kickass team name for kickball. This is a fun game, you should have a fun name.

Keep in mind that when picking a team name, most league rules will disallow names that reference or implicate a political agenda, issue, candidate, elected official or religion. You will be able to get away with innuendo but any overt alcohol, drug or sexual reference will also be disallowed.

This list has been culled from actual WAKA team names, so do not be surprised if you see a couple of these team names in your league. Have a great team name that you do not see? Add it to the comments and I will add it to this list.

Kickball Team Name List

  1. It’s Not Going to Kick Itself
  2. Pitches Be Crazy
  3. Straight Ballin’
  4. Recreational Hazard
  5. Kick it & Quit it
  6. We Do Kickn’ Right
  7. Dream Crushers
  8. Kickin’ Grass and Taken’ Names
  9. Free Ballers
  10. Balls n’ Dolls
  11. I am Kick James, Pitch
  12. Kicking it Old School
  13. Grass Kickersl
  14. The Ballbarians
  15. I Already Kicked That
  16. We’ve Got the Runs
  17. I’d Kick It
  18. Putting the F-U in fun!
  19. We Put the FU in Fun
  20. Kick Butt or Kickballs
  21. Flat Foot Foozies
  22. Scared Kickless
  23. Kickin’ Ain’t Easy
  24. Kick Tease
  25. Where My Pitches At
  26. Balls and Dolls
  27. Wasted Potential
  28. Dressed to Kick-Press
  29. Slim Kickins
  30. Swift Kick in the Grass
  31. Don’t Stop Ballieving
  32. 4th Base
  33. Kick it and Bounce
  34. One Kick Wonders
  35. Suns Out Guns Out
  36. We Got the Runs
  37. Kickators
  38. After School Specials
  39. Our Kicks Don’t Lie
  40. Saved by the Ball
  41. Pitch Please
  42. Pitch Slap
  43. All My Pitches Love Me
  44. Recess Ramblers
  45. Three Kicks to the Win
  46. Ballz to the Wallz
  47. Benwah Balls
  48. Ballz en Fuego
  49. Club Foot
  50. Life’s a Pitch
  51. Baller Status
  52. Ballers
  53. Ballz Deep
  54. Kicker Bees
  55. Hobolympians
  56. Suck My Kick
  57. Recess Allstars
  58. Our Kicks Don’t Lie
  59. Sons of Pitches
  60. Bundt Cakes
  61. Kicks R For Kids
  62. 2 Legit 2 Kick
  63. I’ll Cut a Pitch!
  64. Pitch Kickers
  65. Pitching a Tent
  66. Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard
  67. Kicktators
  68. Pitches Be Trippin
  69. Kickheads
  70. Pitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe
  71. RiKICKulous
  72. That Better Team

Drinking Themed Kickball Team Names

Most people use kickball as an excuse to drink, might as well have a team name that shows it.

  1. Alcoballics
  2. Kickaholics Anonymous
  3. Bases May Not Be Loaded, But We Are
  4. Red Balls and Vodka
  5. Rubber Balls & Liqour
  6. Kickelob Ultra
  7. Menace 2 Sobriety
  8. Brew’s Your Daddy
  9. Liver Let Die
  10. Drinkers with a Kicking Problem
  11. Bad News Brews
  12. Drunk and Looking To Score
  13. Booze on First
  14. Here For Flip Cup
  15. Ballin Under the Influence
  16. Tequila Mockingbirds
  17. Tears for Beers
  18. Brews on First
  19. Win or Looze We Still Booze
  20. Two Teams One Flip Cup
  21. Chug Norris
  22. Flipadelphia
  23. Blackout City
  24. Faces Loaded

Movie Based Kickball Team Names

Like movies?! These team names come from popular movies.

  1. Prestige Worldwide
  2. Tummy Stix
  3. Dragon My Ballz
  4. Bad Decision Bears
  5. Foot Clan
  6. Natural Born Kickers
  7. Jiminy Kick It

Star Wars Themed Kickball Team Names

With the new sequels coming out in the next year or so, figure I might as well get started on this list. The following are the best Star Wars kickball team names I can find.

  1. Superstar Destroyers
  2. The Death Stars
  3. Evil Empire
  4. Darth Balls
  5. Luke Ballkickers
  6. The Nerfherders

Pop Culture Kickball Team Names

  1. Pope Benekicks
  2. Ball Me, Maybe
  3. The Most Intersting Team in the World
  4. Kick in a Box
  5. I Got 99 Problems, But My Kick Ain’t One
  6. Perpetual Motion Squad
  7. 2 Girls 1 Base
  8. New Kicks on the Block
  9. Fresh Kicks of Ball Air
  10. Sir Kicks A Lot
  11. Ace of 2nd Base
  12. I Wanna Dip My Balls In It
  13. The Balled and the Beautiful
  14. Free Snowcone
  15. Ballzinga

WAKA Themed Kickball Team Names

These names really only apply if you are playing in a WAKA league and want to show your support for WAKA.

  1. WAKA Shame
  2. Rock with your WAKA Out
  3. WAKAholics
  4. WAKAmole
  5. WAKA, Texas Rangers
  6. WAKA Straight Line
  7. Waka Waka Waka

Now that you have a team name picked out

Spent hours going through the list and got your perfect name picked out for your kickball team now? Next step, I would suggest reading my pages on

This is a great sport, have fun out there!

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3 Responses

  1. Clayton says:

    I like the one that says that WE DO KINKEN right

  2. Jessica Rother says:

    Our kickball team name is “BALL HOGS” from Red Wing, MN

  3. Joe says:

    I started my team 2 legit 2 kick almost 6 years ago….still going strong

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