What Gear Do I Need For Kickball?

Have you just joined your first kickball team and are now wondering what you have to have to play? Wonder no more because I am about to tell you. The best thing about kickball is how extremely cheap it is to play this game. Most of us should have everything already, provided you at least have some workout clothes and running shoes.

If you are a player you really just need some to go buy some cleats. Go with outdoor soccer or football cleats since the playing field and running conditions will be very similar. You will more than likely be provided a team shirt, if not, just get something dry fit. Other then that, some gym shirts and you are set.

If you are a new captain I would suggest buying at least a ball and maybe some bases so you can do some practices with your team.

A Kickball

You really only need to buy a kickball if you want to get some practice, you are playing for fun with some friends, or you joined some kind of fly by night league that is not providing teams with one.

Waka-KickballYou can usually get an official WAKA kickball at Dick’s for around $7-$12. This is a decent kickball, though they tend to only last a couple of seasons before no longer holding air. You can also just order the ball from Amazon for around $8-9.

circuit_ballIf you want a ball that is much higher quality and will last you longer, you can not go wrong with the ball they use in Kickball365’s The Circuit. This one will cost you $10 and is only available from their online store (that I have found anyways).

Kickball Shoes / Cleats

I would consider getting a pair of cleats a must for playing kickball. Sure, you can use running shoes if you are in a pinch, but the first time you overrun second base because the grass is slippery or you fall while trying to stop quickly and grab a ball, you will be kicking yourself for not spending $30 on a cheap pair of cleats.

I would suggest getting a pair of soccer or football cleats. These sports are both played on grass fields and have a similar enough movement to what you need in kickball that these shoes will work well for you. If your league plays on softball / baseball fields instead of grass you can switch over to getting baseball cleats instead.

adidas-shoeYou really do not have to go that high end on this. Unlike soccer you will not be running around a lot on these shoes. I bought a $30 pair of Adidas soccer cleats around 5 years ago and these things are still holding in strong. They look pretty similar to the image on the left. You can still pick those shoes up for around $30 on Amazon or just head up to Dick’s or something and try on a pair you like.

Kickball Drinking Gear

This really is the most important gear to make sure you have for a kickball game. I would consider it easier to play kickball barefoot than without a drink, but your mileage may vary.

bubba-keg-52ozMost leagues will play at some kind of public park and pretty much all of these will have some kind of rule against just straight up drinking in public. The solution to this is to grab your self a big ol Bubba Keg (52oz seems to be the perfect size but 32oz should be enough if you go with liquor) and fill it up at your car. This will stay cool the whole game and you should not need a refill until you are done.

If you are playing somewhere with a bit more lax rules, grab yourself a cooler. You are going to want something with wheels so transportation will be easy. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, grab yourself a cooler with a sound system built into it and you can skip the next section completely.


You got to have some tunes. Hell, throw Eye of the Tiger on repeat and be amazed at how much better your team plays. Nobody has ever messed up a play with that song playing in the background.

You will see a lot of teams will have a specific kicking song for everyone of their players. It is surprisingly motivating and can be pretty fun, though requires you to have one player play DJ. I had a team that took this a step further and had a “distracting” play list that we played while the other team was kicking to try and get into their head. It was probably slightly harder for the other team to kick listening to “Loser” by Beck or “Songbird” by Kenny G. For the lazy, just get some good tunes and blast them the whole time you are playing.

You will want something that is rechargeable since there will be no plugs around. Bluetooth is a must and will come standard. You can grab a portable speaker that has a specific connector for an iPhone but everyone has bluetooth on any phone they have and that is an easier method to go.

ION-TailGaterThe ION seems to be pretty much the default speaker you will see on the kickball field. It is not uncommon to see 3-4 of them as you walk around. You can get one for around $100 dollars, they have a lot of options, they are sturdy and can play music for around 12 hours before needing to get plugged into the wall again.

If you want to rock your tunes rain or shine you can switch over to a water proof speaker if you want.

Sweet Socks

kickball_socks_purpleThese are completely optional to get, but will provide you a little bit of shin protection. The main reason to get yourself some knee high socks is because they look sweet and make you look like a real athlete. A lot of teams will coordinate so everyone on the team gets socks in the same color as the team color or a complimentary color.

You can find these at any sports good store for around $5 a pair. You will need to look in the soccer or softball section for these. If you want to go with some fun socks, funky colors or just lazy, Amazon to the rescue.

Sweat Protection

I might be partial since my first team was Kicking It Old School and our season long theme was looking like the 80’s, but I absolutely love a head and arm band. That these keep sweat out of my eyes and my hands dry is really just a bonus. If you are like me and sweat a lot when you play (hey, its Florida, its always hot) then there really is no harm in rocking these on the field. You can get a cheap pair for around $5 and a nice Under Armour set for $15.



franklin-rubber-baseBSN-orange-baseYou really only need bases if you are the captain of your team and you want to do some practices or you want to setup some kickball games between your friends. Bases tend to be pretty cheap, you should be able to get a decent set of these for around $30. I bought myself a set of these several years ago and just keep them in my trunk. You never know when a game might break out! They are flat so they take up like no room at all. If you want to go super cheap, you go snag some orange vinyl ones off of Amazon for $12.

If you are setting up the field, you might as well grab some cones so you can mark your foul lines while you are at it.


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