Kickball Etiquette 101

536646_434852649941443_255270608_nIf you are feeling yourself getting heated over a kickball game, please take a moment to take a step back and remember the following:

  1. It’s a kickball game
  2. You have a real job
  3. It’s a kickball game
  4. You can’t go pro in kickball
  5. The prize for the champion is a spray painted kickball and bubba kegs which if you can afford to play, these are likely items you can buy yourself
  6. Let’s not forget, its a kickball game

Player / Captain Etiquette

How to Treat Refs

Treat refs with the respect you expect to be treated with. As with any sport with paid or unpaid refs there will be close calls, there will be calls you don’t agree with, there will be missed calls. We don’t have instant replay, we don’t have a review system that actually involves more than refs discussing what they saw initially and making a decision based on that. Refs that make millions of dollars a year don’t get everything right, and if you question them aggressively, you get ejected and fined. The fact that we have people losing their mind over a call or two blows my mind. Please get over yourself and act like a normal human beings. If you are good enough, what the ref calls shouldn’t make a difference anyway. The only time someone should be approaching the ref about a call is when there is a misinterpretation of the rule. Even then only the captain should approach the ref and they need to do so in a calm, collected manner and provide proof of the misinterpretation (use a copy of rules provided). Please do not heckle refs about their strike zones and safe/out calls. It’s unnecessary, disrespectful and doesn’t resolve anything.

How to Treat Other Players

Treat each other with the respect you’d like to be treated with. I understand that everyone in the world doesn’t like each other and I don’t expect them to. We do expect everyone to keep their dirty words and hands to themselves. People that provoke someone into hitting someone is just as guilty as the person hitting them. If  the league manager hears about people fighting or almost fighting, both parties involved will be thrown out of the league. They are not here to be your mothers. Act like adults, if you don’t like someone at work, you don’t call them names or hit them. You deal with it because you have to, we expect everyone to act the same on the kickball field.

Reffing Etiquette

Refs aren’t off the hook either. Please make sure you are making your calls LOUDLY so they can be heard and understood. If there is a questionable call that needs to be discussed among the refs, get together quickly and provide resolution. If captains want to have input, make it clear that you want to hear from the captains only. If someone is heckling you, give them a clear warning and let them know the next time they heckle you, they will be ejected. Point blank, period, no exceptions. Do NOT go back and forth with people about calls, name calling, etc. Make it clear who is in charge and that you don’t have time for that nonsense.

Role Model for Player/Captain and Ref

If you need a role model  for player, captain or ref, do the following. You should never see a player/captain crying about a call they can’t change. You just play better or tell your team to play better on the next play so it isn’t even close and the call isn’t put in the refs hands at all. Yes there are calls you will disagree with, strike zones your baffled by, but as an athlete and competitor you play through it. You may ask or confirm politely if the ref understands what the strike zone is, but that’s it. You don’t argue or challenge their calls, you just play better. As ref, you make my calls loudly and clear and are approachable by captains if something needs to be discussed in a calm manner. You make it clear that safe/outs and your strike zone are not up for discussion.

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