11 New Player Kickball Tips

Kickball is an awesome sport for people new to sports. There are constantly new players and the level of athletism is a bit lower than other sports, so you have a wide range of players out on the field enjoying themselves. The following is a list of tips/suggestions that new players to the game should keep in mind.

  1. Kick and run! Don’t look to see if the ball went foul. Wait for your team or ref to tell you that the ball went foul.
  2. Kicking is about placement first. Emphasis on power should be secondary.
  3. Run through 1st base. Try not to even start slowing down until you have already hit the base.
  4. Be aggressive with your base running, always be ready to get the next base. If there is an over throw or the other team throws the ball to a different base, use this time to advance your base position.
  5. Don’t automatically run on a fly ball. If the ball is caught you will need to tag up or you will be out. If the ball is heading towards a base you will need to run to, go half way to that base and be ready to run back if the ball is caught. If the ball is dropped, you should have time to hopefully get to your base if you go quickly. If the ball is going to land far away from the base you need to run to, go ahead and wait for it to land. This way you will not have to run back if it is caught.
  6. Keep your hands out of your pockets while you are on the field. This means you should always be active in every play, even if the ball does not come to you. In the outfield, run behind the person catching the ball so you can back them up if they miss it. If the ball is being thrown to a base, be on the other side so that an overthrow will go to you and not just roll out into the field. Be ready to cover a base if the person for that base has to leave to get the ball. Always be moving.
  7. If you are going to catch the ball, call it out so there is no collisions or dropped balls because nobody catches it since everyone thinks the other person was going to get it.
  8. Before a ball is kicked you should know what bases are a force out, which bases have runners on them and where you should throw the ball if it goes to you.
  9. Catching the ball in the outfield feels great, but remember that the play is not over. The runners will still be running while you are holding on to the ball. After catching the ball, immediatly get it to a base that has a runner going for it or to the pitcher. When in doubt, get it back to the pitcher to end the play.
  10. Tits over Toes. If you are bunting the ball, concentrate on having your chest over your kicking foot. This will help you to not kick the ball into the air and will keep it on the ground. A short kick that pops up is sure to be caught, so this is an important thing to think about.
  11. Remember it’s kickball – have fun. Don’t take things too seriously. This game is about socializing and drinking with friends.
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  2. Dude perfect says:

    Hi this is sick

  3. SaltySimmer says:

    I have to take it seriously my teacher never lost a game in all her years but thanks for reminding me

  4. Lucy says:

    This website is awesome. Because my team is all new and I could not get the fundamentals of each position, but now i have a better understanding. And I believe this site will help me become more game play smart. Because I want to play to win!!!!

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