How to do Kicking Order

There are two basic strategies in setting up your kicking order, front load all your best kickers/runners or distribute them evenly throughout the lineup. Front loading is more likely to get runs on the board, but depending on the amount of weak players you might have, it will give you several innings that will more than likely be 3 quick outs. As long as a 1/3 or more of your team would be considered weak players, stick with front loading.

The overall strategy in setting up a lineup is to get 2-3 people on base and then have your next player be someone who can kick the ball far enough into the outfield to all 1-2 people to run. Bases loaded with 0-1 outs will mean that even if they catch the ball in the outfield, it will be far enough away from home plate that at least 1-2 players will be able to run home.

A perfect lineup would be 2 players (3 players for the very top of the lineup due to nobody being on base to start) that can get on base followed by 2 big kickers, repeating for the whole lineup. Your strong base runners can be identified by base running speed drills as well as keeping track of on base percentage during a game. Your big kickers should be pretty obvious.

  1. Fast
  2. Fast
  3. Fast
  4. Big Kick
  5. Big Kick
  6. Fast
  7. Fast
  8. Big Kick
  9. Big Kick
  10. REPEAT
Start with your best players and work your way down your list of players trying to keep 2 x Fast / 2 x Big Kick as long as possible.
A more realistic line up would be 3 good base runners followed by 1 big kicker, repeating.
  1. Average
  2. Average
  3. Fast
  4. Big Kick
  5. Average
  6. Average
  7. Fast
  8. Big Kick
This will be the easiest lineup to create with the average athletic players that are common for a kickball team and should be doable by even brand new teams.
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