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There are several different rule sets for kickball, the most popular and the focus of this website will be the rules for WAKA. Listed below are description of the different rule sets.

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Sloshball – Let’s Make Kickball a Drinking Game

What Is Sloshball If you play kickball long enough you are going to run into teams playing Sloshball. My first experience playing Sloshball was when a team did not have enough people to field so they decided to grab a couple of people standing around and convert it over to...


Differences between kickball and baseball

When explaining the rules for WAKA kickball to new players, easiest method is to let them know that it is the same rules as baseball (which everyone should be familiar with in general) with a couple exceptions. Ball will be a kickball that is rolled instead of thrown to the...



Overview Buntball is an alternate version of the WAKA rules that is an excellent way to practice bunting, defense against bunting and aggressive base running. This game is perfect for a fast paced game when you have 8 players, though up to 14 can be accommodated. Rules Same as normal...