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Kickball Etiquette 101

If you are feeling yourself getting heated over a kickball game, please take a moment to take a step back and remember the following: It’s a kickball game You have a real job It’s a kickball game You can’t go pro in kickball The prize for the champion is a...


11 New Player Kickball Tips

Kickball is an awesome sport for people new to sports. There are constantly new players and the level of athletism is a bit lower than other sports, so you have a wide range of players out on the field enjoying themselves. The following is a list of tips/suggestions that new...


Basic Overview of Kickball Field Positions

Kickball is played on a baseball diamond with 11 players fielding. Diagram and description of the responsibilities for each player are listed below All this information in a handy print out to hand out at your first game. Kickball Field Position Description Print Out Left Center: Cover deep kicks. Be...