Category: Drills

The following is a list of drills that you can use to focus on improving specific kickball skills during your practices.
Catching – Pair up with a partner and practice throwing the ball to each other. Vary your throws between direct throws, overheads and grounders. When catching a fly ball make sure to hold your arms like a basket and practice wrapping your arms around the ball once it hits your arms. Even on direct throws, practice trapping the ball against your body rather than trying to catch it with your hands.
Pitching – You can combine this drill with kicking if you have a partner. Practice your speed and accuracy by setting up a home base and doing actual pitches. You can curve the ball left or right depending on which way you rotate your hand upon release.
Kicking – Have a friend pitch to you and practice your bunts, line drives and deep kicks. Make sure for a deep kick the ball makes contact with your laces and you kick through the ball. For a bunt, kick with the side of your foot and try to aim for a specific part of the field.
Throwing – You can combine this drill with catching. Practice different kinds of throws and distances. If you are not strong enough to make the throw from home base to 1st base, keep on practicing your long throws until you can make it.
Base Running – This is an all out sprint. Go from one base to another as fast as you can. Have a friend time you so you can work on improving your speed.
Posts below have more details for specific drills.


Kickball Practice – Whole Team Bunting

Use this drill if you want to practice bunting and defending against bunting. This is a core mechanic of kickball and will be a go-to practice if you have enough players. You will need 4 bunters and 6 fielders for a total of 10 players. If you have more than 10...