Kickball Captain Responsibilities

Kickball Captain Responsibilities Overview

Being a kickball captain has a certain amount of offical and unofficial responsibilities. This can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it does impose a bit more stress than just being a player. You will be expected to put your team together, ensure everyone gets to play, knows how to play and to keep your team in line.

Prior to Season Start

Before a season starts you will be expected to sign up and create your initial kickball team name. You will need to get a certain amount of people signed up before your group will be converted over to a team. If you can not get the minimium amount of players, your group will be combined with another group or multiple groups/people until there is the minimium amount of players to form a team. 18+ members will pretty much guarantee that your group is made into a team, but your team will still have single players added in until the max team size depending on how many single players end up signing up for a season.

You will be required to attend a preseason meeting to go over rules and responsibilities. You are expected to have read and understand the rules for your league before the season starts.


All players on your roster are entitled to an equal amount of play. There is some fudge factor on how many innings fielding your players will get each game, but everyone that shows up has to be on the kicking lineup. Your final roster will be set by the league, so it is not unexpected to have to deal with players you are not that familiar with.

Encourage your team to attend the league social events as well as any game themes the league might have. Not only are these a lot of fun, but it shows good sportsmanship. Remember, kickball is more about the drinking and socializing after the game then the actual kickball game itself.

You are responsible in making sure that all your players know the rules and understand how to play the game.


Each team has responsibilities to field refs for an equal amount of games. You will be responsible in making sure that 2-3 of your players familiar with the rules of kickball are available for the games you are expected to ref. As captain, it is good form to also be the head ref for the games your team are responsible for.

Only captains and named co-captains are allowed to argue a call with a ref.


Before the game start, you will be responsible for creating your fielding and kicking lineup as well as being able to provide this lineup to the other team’s captain on request.

At game start, you are responsible that you have the league required minimium number of players ready to play (4 guys and 4 girls). Issues happen, but arriving late is not an acceptable issue for a delay of game.

First team to field will usually be decided upon by the captain in either a coin toss or rock/paper/scissors.

You must be aware of all policies on the field, including the policy for alcoholic beverages and relay this information to your players. Depending on the severity and number of teams that break a field policy, this could cause your league to lose their fielding rights. Individuals or teams caught breaking these policies will be asked to leave. Ensure that you and your players leave with the same trash that they came with.

You are responsible for the conduct of your team at all times during a game. Harrasement of other players or refs must be dealt with immediately.


Most leagues will provide a way to email all your team members from the league site. This tends to be fairly bare bones communication and good for  “official” communication. A Facebook group is one alternate method that is popular to facilate day-to-day and casual communication.

Make sure that your team is aware of the schedule and knows about the special events for the league. Remind them a day or two beforehand as well as let everyone know which field they will be playing on.

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