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Sloshball – Let’s Make Kickball a Drinking Game

What Is Sloshball If you play kickball long enough you are going to run into teams playing Sloshball. My first experience playing Sloshball was when a team did not have enough people to field so they decided to grab a couple of people standing around and convert it over to...

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5 Awesome Kickball T-Shirt Modifications

Kickball is about having fun, why not extend that to the boring t-shirt you get for each season and spruce that thing up. A lot of these modifications are used to sexify a plain t-shirt but some of these will give you some more airflow if you are playing in...

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3 Exercises to Improve Your Kickball Game

When I first started playing kickball I did not have the energy to run from first to home or the power to throw the ball all the way from home to 1st. Here are the workouts for powering up specific movements in kickball with various workouts. Standard disclaimer, I am...