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Trivia Team Names

Most of us kickballers are social animals and as long as you can combine an activity with drinking, we are probably doing it. Trivia will be at a pub/bar or restaurant and will have a DJ that reads out the question/answer and plays music in between each question. It will...


World Adult Kickball Association Overview

WAKA Overview WAKA is the World Adult Kickball Association, which was founded in 1998 in Washington DC by four recent college graduates. This is a 21+ co-ed social-athletic organization with a mission statement “To provide a unique club with an inclusive co-ed social culture and establish the WAKA Kickball experience...

Rock, Paper, Scissors 0

Rock, Paper, or Scissors Strategy

Home vs Visitor is usually decided at the start of a game by a Rock, Paper, or Scissors match between the captains of each team. If you end up winning, Home (fielding first) tends to be most advantageous. Initial Throw Rock –¬†aggressive Paper – subtle, weak Scissors –¬†restrained aggression, crafty,...